Give your customers reasons to buy more
from you​.

Crophike is an intuitive, instant reward system for shopify stores that allows you to give your customers incentives for shopping more with you.

“I was blown away! From one day to the next our AOV increased by 17% and even the conversion rate went up.”

Sonja M.
Store Manager at Managold

The lowest hanging fruit: Increase your AOV

Crophike is the best way to boost your AOV. Create conditions and give rewards as soon as these conditions are met. Rewards are auto-applied and fully customizable. Our small but powerful app compliments your store in a miraculous way.

Not another spining wheel

Unlike usual “conversion booster” apps, crophike perfectly blends into your store and doesn’t give off a shady vibe.

Highly customizable

Choose the right rewards, customize fonts and colors and individualize crophike exactly to your taste.

Increase your AOV

In most cases you will notice an instant uplift in AOV and CR after setting up crophike. That’s your customers thanking you for rewarding their loyalty.

Reward your customers by giving them
 discounts, free products & more

Choose between a range of conditions and rewards to perfectly match your objectives. For the best user experience rewards are auto-applied.

Mobile-first design
- Completely responsive

We know most of your customers are browsing through your store on their smartphones. That’s why we paid special attention on making crophike fully responsive. It looks beautiful on any device.

Flexible and modern
- fully translatable

Change every single color and text and adapt crophike to your brand and your store language. Crophike will feel organic to your store from the first second after installation.

But wait - there's more!

High visibility without disturbing the user experience

You decide when and where you want crophike to show up. If you prefer a more subtle appearance, use our integrated mini launcher.

Integrated Sticky Add To Cart Button

Crophike comes with an integrated sticky add to cart button that shows up at the right time. A beautiful way to increase your conversion rate.

Easy cart & checkout access built-in

Crophike displays a shopping cart icon which takes the user to either the shopping cart page or directly to the checkout.

Simple and Fair Pricing

Get started for free


Up to 50 orders
Free Monthly
  • Unlimited displays
  • All Features
  • Dedicated Support
  • Up to 50 orders per month


Up to 300 orders
$ 15 Monthly
  • Unlimited displays
  • All Features
  • Dedicated Support
  • Up to 250 orders per month


Up to 1000 orders
$ 49 Monthly
  • Unlimited displays
  • All Features
  • Dedicated Support
  • Up to 1000 orders per month


Up to 5000 orders
$ 129 Monthly
  • Unlimited displays
  • All Features
  • Dedicated Support
  • Up to 5000 orders per month

Do you have custom feature requests or even more orders?

Just contact us. We will be happy to meet your needs.